The Clear Bead

There is a old poem by the mystic Rumi that says, “The clear bead at the center changes everything,” emphasizing that our paths are connected, in ways that are unseen. Historically, we have come to a place where dividing lines have been drawn, based on ignorance and distraction. It takes work to figure out the tough relationships to find a deeper understanding, much less appreciation, of humanity’s connectedness. Without setting apart the “self,” it is almost impossible. Who we are now is where we start, but who we have the potential to be in the world, is where we end up.

The clear bead at the center
changes everything.
There are no edges
to my loving now.

You’ve heard it said
that there’s a window that opens
From one mind to another.

But if there’s no wall,
there’s no need
For fitting the window,
or the latch.