Awareness of the Other

015 Shipyard Beach Again (32)Following Christ, or living in a state of spirituality, should not be a passive position in the world, nor has it always been in the past, but what does that look like in the modern world? If we are moving toward a post-Christian society, where much of the world no longer practices Christianity of old, how can Christianity “2.0” exist?

Every day, we follow what interests us, what drives us, and what inspires us. Modern society, as a fluid, information-driven life, full of technology and innovations, offers a million possibilities of how we can interact and engage with the world. On the flip side, it also offers us the opportunity to disengage from the reality around us.

As we turn inward and focus on our wellness, it is easy to see the world as a million still pictures, rather than a movie in which we have the opportunity to act and affect the outcome. Empathy requires us to use our imagination, and consider the world from a different perspective.

Spiritual people, of all faiths, emphasize removal of the ego, so that we can feel compassion for others. Often, once we begin to see others as equal and of value, we can relate to their experiences and transform ourselves in accordance with the example of Jesus and other prophets.